High Definition Surveys Using Laser


Since its introduction in the 1990s, also known as laser scanning laser which has expanded applications for businesses as diverse as engineering and historic preservation. Unlike traditional surveying methods, laser scanning can complete the survey process in just one session surveys, and can reduce costs by limiting engagement survey surveyor.

But most important of all: laser scanning offers survey data is more accurate than traditional survey, making it ideal for applications that survey methods older inadequate for, such as parts tips for overcoming warping, under trimming, and more than pruning, and collect surface data object inheritance for recovery purposes.

For companies that are still using traditional surveying, laser resistance surveys are usually rooted in a lack of knowledge about its capacity. To give an example of this capacity, we offer a glimpse of how high definition Laser survey of airport organization in the industry of architecture, engineering, history and law enforcement.


Contributions of high definition laser surveying to architectural planning is really huge, which resulted in the following applications, among others: 2D and 3D images of building facades, scan the roof that reveals need for improvement, presentation video fly-through, texturing of the surface, a graphical modeling in 3D scans, interior decoration modeling, animation and 3D scans the outside, the building increased security, land terrain modeling, and environmental metrics for analysis and modeling. All 3D imaging capabilities for architectural planning to have an electronic output files to AutoCAD or Micro Station, and all the 3D images are presented with a registered coordinate points.


Engineering industry is an industry that is most associated with laser scanning, and it is easy to see why. Laser scanning benefit the engineering industry by offering the following applications, among others: the clash control for piping, BIM modeling, construction verification of compliance with technical specifications, the initial measurement and verification of the foundation structure, the 3D topography of the site scanning, and real-time GPS. All 3D imaging capabilities for engineering to be output electronically for AutoCAD, Micro Station, and CAiCE.


One of the better known applications Laser survey is in the historic preservation community, where it was used to collect data from conservation bodies and structures for recovery purposes. A recent example laser surveys used for historical purposes jasa topografi can be seen in scanning in May 2010 of the monument Mount Rushmore. Data collected during scans of historic objects can also be used to produce a miniature version of the famous objects for retail, with the Eiffel tower a perfect example.

Law enforcement

In using a laser scanner to collect crime scene and the scene of accident data, law enforcement completed three things: a collection of regular physical details that could prove valuable later; the preservation of all physical evidence of a crime in case things go cold; and the ability to create a scene and animation accident that reveal how a crime or an accident occurs.

Benefits of Sugarcane Dregs


Bagasse following benefits:

As material for paper

Through the process of bio-engineering cellulose in pulp, paper and paperboard waterproff can be produced. Making of the paper in general use wax or plastic coating that can not be recycled, but the paper making pulp out these environmentally friendly. Paper of tofu can decay and disintegrate, also can be recycled back into the cardboard and paper waterproff.

Power plant
Of electricity demand in the sugar mills usually take fuel energy from bagasse. Dry bagasse contains 47% Carbon, Hydrogen 6.5%, Oxygen 44%, Abu 2.5%. According to the formula Pritzelwitz each kilogram of pulp with a sugar content of 2.5% has a heat of 1825 kcal. Values ??increased if the fuel moisture content and the less sugar residue. Increasingly dry bagasse, it will be more effective and produce a large fuel energy.

From research conducted by the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, the data obtained from bagasse that compost can increase the absorption of nitrogen significantly after three months compared to plants without composting. But there is no significant increase in the absorption of phosphorus, potassium and sulfur. The use of compost does not increase the growth rate, height, diameter of the plant, but is expected to increase the yield of sugar cane.

Animal feed
While this is still rare breeders who use bagasse as animal feed because the content else high, low protein, and fiber that is too rough. However, through the fermentation process by adding a few ingredients such as probiotics, bagasse could be more quality and easily digestible. Bagasse fermentation system together with a straw.

The Best Quality of Crawler Excavator



It’s hard to overstate the importance of a crawler excavator in the category of construction machinery. This multifunctional vehicle can boast many special features. The first and most important services is the chassis with a track consisting of a flat chain link. They provide a high level of cross-country mobility, which is so valuable in the construction site. Another factor, contributive to a broad practical application, is a flexible configuration. The options available in a choice of basic and attachments.

Various advantages generate strong demand for tracked excavator. As a result, the level of production has reached a leading percentage in the urugan semarang global market. And it makes sense that the market is very competitive.

It is common knowledge that all the virtues must be taken care of. To get the best of crawler excavators one must take into account some operating limitations. Because there is a high risk to damage the coat with the track, not allowed to drive these vehicles on the asphalt coat. Long-distance running is also undesirable that does not accelerate the depreciation, resulting in a loss of efficiency.

To achieve all the benefits of the type of crawler excavator capable of, it must be carefully selected in accordance with the tasks of future operations. The options also need to consider the peculiarities of the land. These factors in turn influence the selection of the required dimensions of the vehicle and its attachments.

In a limited area of ??space it is possible to use a compact version of the crawler excavator, also known as a mini-excavator. Thanks to the lower weight of the engine, the model can be easily moved between different sites.

The crawler excavator specially designed, amphibians and bucket-wheel models are worth mentioning. The structure of both involve only version tracked.

An amphibious excavator made for dredging while floating in shallow water. tracked chassis sealed floats on pontoons are made of high tension steel, resistant to salt water and corrosion. Trek pontoon is powered by the vehicle engine and main hydraulic pumps with motors traveling.

bucket wheel excavator is used as strip mining machine mobile. Their main goal is to remove overburden prior to coal mining. kind of self-moving machine is one of the largest and heaviest land vehicles ever built. To allow the soil to settle not under such heavy enough (about 13,000 t), excavator features a dozen tracks of 3.8 meters. As a result, the pressure, given on the land, not exceeding one, given by the human foot.

Benefits of Tomato Juice


What are the benefits of this tomato juice? Here are some of them:

1. Replace lost body fluids

Tomato fruit itself already has a high water content. When processed into juice, the water content contained in these drinks is either to replace lost body fluids after the move all day. In addition, it can also help prevent dehydration, which can lead to:

The body becomes noticeably weak
Lack of concentration and focus
often sleepy

2. Refreshing Body

The mix of sweet, sour and too icy used for processing tomato juice will greatly assist the body in reaching the point of freshness back. This is certainly very useful, especially when you are experiencing fatigue and too tired after a long hard day.

3. provide energy for the body

Tomato fruit calories and potassium. If the added sugar in the manufacture of tomato juice, then this will provide significant energy for your body. This is so you do not need a lot of eating to gain more energy, and is also very suitable to drink in the morning.

4. Keep your endurance

Vitamins contained in tomato juice benefits have excellent usability to keep the immune system and prevent the body from various diseases. Especially some mild disease that attacks the body’s immunity, such as the flu and cough.

5. Treating thrush and also inflammation

You who experience canker sores or inflammation in your body organ, of course, can treat and also reduce the pain caused by the inflammation by using tomato juice. Tomatoes contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that is natural and good for treating inflammation.

6. Good for the diet program

The fiber content and calories high enough on the benefits of tomato juice to the diet can be consumed on a regular basis. Tomato juice can reduce the weight of your food intake, because tomato juice alone will give effect glut.

7, to reduce cholesterol

Tomato fruit contains a natural niacin can help lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body. So, tomato juice is one beverage that is very good to be consumed by you that are getting cholesterol.

Looking for Jobs Equipment Online

Currently the company is included in the mining and construction industries are looking for mechanics, equipment operators, and service heavy disqualify workers to maintain, operate, repair, and manage a fleet of everyday appliances. In order to meet the demands of operators, the school is being set up training but they are still not enough to meet the number of individuals who want to get the proper training and suitable to operate heavy machinery.

Thanks to modern technology, the theoretical modules can now be completed through online training. This technology allows professionals in the trade of heavy equipment to improve their skills in relation to newer equipment. Participants can easily upgrade their knowledge to become more in line with the latest trends in terms of machine.

There are many jobs available for professional operators. Companies that are under construction, mining, logging and shipments regularly seek professional that they can add to their workforce. As people look for a new job, operating heavy equipment requires proper training and exposure to heavy equipment to understand these machines rental alat berat semarang better. Moreover, they need to understand that they will be working in a different environment that they should be taken into account when looking for a new job in accordance with the machine.

With these things in mind, when applying for a job online, you must ensure that you have the training and the skills and experience needed first before applying for a job. You should be able to relate to the type of heavy equipment that employers seek to reflect on your resume. If you have experience in operating equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, backhoe loaders, paving equipment and the like, make sure that you include them in the list of skills and experience when applying online.

If you’re looking for work in accordance with heavy equipment operation, utilizing the well-known search engines such as AltaVista and Google and using words in accordance with the job you are looking for such “heavy equipment operator”. In this way, the search engine will be able to provide top search results to further improve your hiring chances. Most of the sites that come back the results equipped with an online application form that you can fill.

Seven Benefits of Forests For Life

Forests are a large area in which contain between plants and various animals and various other nonliving elements, creating a climate and environmental conditions are distinctively different from outside the region. For life, forests have an important role by providing a variety of benefits, because it’s existence should be maintained and preserved. Many facts that can be learning that if forests are destroyed, the forests will be threatened by the arrival of a disaster that can not be predicted.

So who will be affected by disasters resulting from forest destruction? Is it just people who live in and around the forest alone? Of course not. For that, we must have a love of the forest in order to participate to maintain and preserve it.

So that we have a love of the forest, it helps us to know about some of the benefits of forests for life. Variety of forest benefits shows that forests are precious wealth for us. So we will want to participate in maintaining and preserving the forest. By awake and the conservation of forests, the forest resources will provide benefits to the public continuously, for a better future.

The following simple description of nine diverse benefits of forests for life:

Forests provide clean air

The air was fresh because the oxygen produced by the existing trees in the forest through the process of photosynthesis. The trees in forests also release water vapor so that the humidity is maintained. In addition, trees in forests also absorbed carbon dioxide is harmful if inhaled by human excess. Carbon dioxide derived from human activities such as motor vehicle fumes, factory smoke, human respiratory process, and the smoke of household activities.

Forests provide a source of clean water

Some sources state that despite the availability of water in the world is abundant, but the water that can be consumed by humans for drinking purposes only five percent, while the rest is sea water. Likewise, although the volume of water in the air that falls as rain is abundant, but when the rain reaches the earth’s surface, which becomes a steady stream of only 25%, and nearly three-quarters of its waste into the sea.

Forests prevent flooding and erosion

The roots of the trees in the forest can store water in times of drought and prevent flooding in the rainy season. As a result of floods and landslides can be controlled. This is because the forest has a great ability to absorb and store rainwater. If there are no forests, rain water should be fed on the surface of the ground, causing landslides, as well as the flow of water in the river will rise dramatically, causing flooding. Conversely, if there is a forest, rain water will be trapped by litter are numerous in forest soils, then absorbed by the soil pores. During the dry season, water is absorbed into the water table will be streamed piecemeal through springs and flowing as a river, so that there was no drought.

Forests hold seawater intrusion

In coastal areas, forests resist the entry of salt water to the mainland (intrusion). It’s very important to support farming in coastal areas. Sea water intrusion into daatan will resulted in an increasingly reduced water because groundwater is contaminated with seawater which has a salty taste. So even with the agricultural businesses will be disrupted due to the availability of fresh water for irrigation on the wane. Intrusion often lead to crop failure.

The forest as a place to live animals

The forest is a lively variety of wildlife such as dwarf buffalo, hog deer and various species of birds. Besides being a place to stay, forest beperan well as suppliers and caterers, as well as a breeding ground for the animals that live in it. For the forest ecosystem, the presence of animals in the spread of plant seeds and rejuvenate the forest. Deforestation will lead to diminishing wildlife habitat, as a result many animals that eventually bekeliaran in plantation to residential areas.

Forests provide timber and non-timber

Forests provide timber products that are useful for buildings materials, fuel, etc. Forests also provide non-timber forest products such as fruits, seeds, pandanus, rattan, resin and honey. Timber forest products is usually charged for the direct use by the local community or merchantability.

Forests as a source of food

Forests provide food for the local population that includes a source of protein, a variety of fruits and seeds. Various varieties of food that can be taken from the forest such as vegetables, including a variety of ferns and tubers, various fruits and mushrooms, corn, honey, fish and other freshwater animals.

Cleaning The Surface Soil


In a construction project before starting with soil excavation activities, should be made contour map images of native land, so that the work piece and pile power (cut and fill) will be taken into account. And before the implementation of the ground work on the building site, the need for cleaning / land clearing / clearing and grubbing.

This cleaning there are several possibilities in its implementation, depending on the type of plants, and the purpose of this cleanup. Equipment for the better is to use a large tree bulldozer. For bulldozer can dig up the soil around the tree, to cut fill semarang off part of its roots, then toppled. But now by modifying the bulldozer so that it can more quickly it works. Blade of bulldozers modified so that it is more suited to uproot large trees, cleaning the project area, uproot stumps and rocks and other ways of modifying others.Some include

Blades of bulldozers replaced with a form that can split apart large trees in a way stuck it with a strong iron, making it easy to topple. Also with this tool horizontal roots can be cleaved-dimpled so easy to topple, there is also installed a blade with a V-shape, referred to as V blade. This tool is also called a tractor- mounted bulldozers
Blades of bulldozers replaced with a shape like a fork / rake (rake) .With this kind of shape fork for cleanup by collecting tree trunks, rocks and others, but the soil is not shipped.

For more details bulldozer blade components can be seen in the category HEAVY EQUIPMENT> or click dozer DOZER 2 and dozer 1

Foundation excavation pits

Foundation excavation pits are usually enough to use human labor as usually make well. After dug as deep as 80 cm, concrete culvert 80 cm diameter is inserted and one person in the culvert on further excavation will lead to a sewer down and plus  culverts on it again, so forth. Excavation with wood handle hoe is usually shortened to facilitate progress in the culvert.

It should be noted in the excavation pits of this, in the ground sometimes arise toxic gases which would be harmful to hoe, for it to be mounted blower for air circulation to function properly or to use tool that can always detect the presence of toxic gases in the well. Cavity between concrete culverts with soil can be filled with sand soaked in water so it can be entered into between them in perfect. After reached a depth of hard soil, then in a culvert filled with concrete Cyclops (cyclopean concrete) that is concrete on Rock a large stone. The foundation of pitting is suitable for building foundations where lies the hard ground was too deep to be made the foundation stone of the palm constantly with a trapezoidal shape, because the volume becomes very large. Hard ground is a depth of 2-3 meter. Now this method is rarely used because the drill-foundation pile easier.

Electric Cigarettes vs Tobacco Cigarettes: Which is Safer?


Electric cigarette, often referred to as vape or e-cigarette, originally created in China in 2003 by a pharmacist to reduce cigarette smoke, and it is one way to help people to stop smoking. Vape consists of a battery, a cartridge containing a liquid, and a heating element to heat and vaporize the liquid into the air.

What is the danger of electric cigarette tobacco than cigarettes?

Tobacco cigarette burning tobacco smoke; electric cigarette produces vapor of liquid fruit flavorings, and nicotine is heated.
Smoking tobacco can cause heart disease, lung, impotence, disorders of pregnancy and the fetus; vape cause nose throat and respiratory disorders.
Cigarette tobacco contains nicotine, tar, arsenic, carbon monoxide, ammonia and various other chemicals; electric cigarette contains nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, and all kinds of fruit flavors.
In addition to smoke, cigarette tobacco leaves trash like cigarette ashes and cigarette; vape while not leaving litter.
Cigarette smoke tobacco leaves no odor and do not dissolve in the liquid; ecigarettes leaving vapor dissolved in the liquid and the smell of fruit flavorings.
One pack of tobacco cigarettes sold at a price ± Rp16.000,00; vape sold at a price of up to ± Rp150.000,00 Rp500.000,00.
Smoking tobacco has special regulations in Government Regulation no. 109; there are no special rules for the circulation vape in Indonesia.

Which is more secure?

According to dr. Nauki Kunugita, a researcher from the National Institute of Public Health in Japan, in one of the electric cigarette was found 10 times the level of carcinogens (groups of substances which can directly damage DNA, promote or assist cancer) than a regular cigarette.

Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Head of Research and Development of Health (Balitbangkes) Ministry of Health explained in a press release that the solution of nicotine in e-cigarettes have a different composition and in general there are four types of mix. But all kinds of mixtures containing nicotine, propylene glycol.

CNN Indonesia also said that the danger vape including causes of acute nicotine poisoning and cases of death of children. Not only cigarette dangerous vapors are inhaled can cause asthma attacks, shortness of breath, and coughing. Smoking is also dangerous for patients with pneumonia, heart failure, disorientation, convulsions, hypotension, until burns due to explosion of electric cigarette in the mouth.

So, until now there are no facts to prove that the electric cigarette safer than tobacco cigarettes. As reported by the cnnindonesia.com, various studies have been conducted research on e-cigarettes and the results of these studies are:

Electronic Cigarette is claimed to contain harmful substances such as Tobacco Specific nitrosamines (TSNA), Diethylene Glycol (DEG) and carbon monoxide.
The use of electric cigarette in the long term can increase plasma levels of nicotine significantly after five minutes of use.
Not only that, smoking also increase plasma levels of carbon monoxide and the pulse rate significantly, which can damage the health.
Had the acute effects on the lung such as smoking tobacco, which is the amount of nitric oxide exhalation air decreased significantly and prisoners significantly increased airway.

In fact, the danger vape also included to encourage a culture of smoking in children, as described by Jessica, the leader of the study from the University of Southern California, USA. The World Health Organization (WHO) has given a warning to all countries in the world to ban children, pregnant women, and women of childbearing age to smoke cigarettes electrically.

Evolution 3D Mapping

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Most of the land surveying company applying 3D technology use to generate the mapping is right for the construction and engineering industries. The shift from traditional mapping methods changing technology and business direction mapping. Before, measure the length and size of the bridge proved to be difficult, using conventional survey equipment. Since then, most of mapping company found a solution that is better and more reliable, through 3D laser scanning, which is used to produce more results can be relied upon to survey the bridge. After seeing and surveys using traditional mapping tools, the company expanded and used more sophisticated tools.

enhanced workflow techniques well as their experience with the new technology developed. When the latest innovation to come, calls for interior, exterior and structural mapping of different environments and building process. Features 3D scanning more simple structure and increase the illustrations and information per scan.

The time required to produce a proper survey decreased with the help of 3D innovation. Better scanning allows mapping of difficult to access land and structures. Complex task of mapping the larger facilities produce more precise survey results using the all-in-one laser scanning and 3D imaging, which then become the standard in this jasa ukur tanah semarang environment.

Traditional land measurement techniques can not achieve appropriate survey in this category. They needed a smooth data processing to handle larger set of information is done through a scanning laser. laser scanner creates a safer working environment for staff surveys, presenting business opportunities better.

3D laser scanning can not be compared with other survey techniques for the record field is not used. In contrast, only professionals managing image files and data points. A common workflow 3D scanning project is to install the tool and find the line of sight to each point. The scan uses a technology site with points oversupplies accurate data at speeds of up to 300,000 points / sec. Once the scan is complete, the data is ready to view, verification and reference when needed.

Files come in large sizes so powerful computer systems required for the management of information. Computers with large amounts of RAM (Random Access Memory) and high resolution graphics card is required to make them more reliable. These computers must support the important processes such as storage, advances precise data, backups and retrievals.

Although the service is profitable, more clients have not found this 3D scanning technology. Some clients recognized the advantages but not all of them have enough budget. However, due to innovations in 3D becomes more reliable and efficient, more companies are using this technology as a method of mapping the current conditions.

Here is the List of Historic Buildings in Indonesia.


5 Historic Buildings in Indonesia:

1. Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace has been crowned as the most beautiful building in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. Located on Jl. Brig Katamso, this magnificent palace was completed around 1888 and is a legacy of Sultan Deli Ma’mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alam.

Shades of yellow on the color of the building is typical Malay. Its unique architecture is the main attraction of the Palace Maimun.

European influence is evident in the hall or living room, windows, doors and an inscription on the front steps of Latin letters that read, speak Dutch.

2. Mesjid Raya Medan

Mesjid Raya Medan standing not far from the arrogant Maimun Palace is a building that is also a triumph trail Deli. Built in 1906, during the reign of Sultan Ma’mun Al Rashid mosque is still functioning as before, that is to serve Muslims in Medan who want to worship.

3. Istiqlal Mosque

Jakarta-paced and filled with modern glass building, it still has a historic building with a beautiful design, the Istiqlal Mosque.

Houses of worship of Muslims magnificent has long been one of the landmarks in Jakarta. Solidly established on an area of ??9.5 hectares and a capacity of up to 8,000 people, the work of architect Indonesian mosque, F Silaban this, once the largest in Southeast Asia, as well as the pride of the Capital and Indonesian Muslims.

4. Sate Building

In Bandung, which is cool, you can also find a building with architecture that is different from the others. It was built in the Dutch colonial era, Building Sate, so this building many are called, is one of the attractions that exist in the Flower City.

Name Building Sate itself appears as an ornament that looks like skewers atop the main tower. Building Sate designed by Ir.J.Gerber, the famous architect graduate of the Faculty of Engineering Delf Nederland and this team, was completed in 1924.

5. mace sewu

Discussing about the architecture or old buildings in Indonesia, certainly can not be separated from a legendary building that stands firmly in Semarang, precisely in the area of ? Simpang Lima, which is Lawang Sewu.

The building which means “a thousand doors” was in fact not the actual name given to this building. The name became legendary because of the large number of doors contained in this keno building.