History About Derek Trucks

Tow truck, Truck Breakdown, Recovery Truck and Tow Trucks all come from Holmes Earnest Senior of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Holmes ultimately could determine to use a tow truck when in a situation, he was obliged to hino truck tow another vehicle out of a river by using six people, along with a cord of wood. Because some of this complexity, the idea of the tow truck was finally born and until then produced by holmes. Car tow the vehicle out of the river using six people, rope and wood. Because of this complexity, the idea was born, and then the tow truck manufactured by Holmes.


There are actually different types of towing equipment that would normally be affixed on a different cab or chassis. A blast of heavy duty that would normally be used for a huge crash as well as the reversal of a tractor-trailer or get a vehicle that crashed in a ditch and it could not be accessed by humans to require heavy equipment to remove it.

The Heavy Duty Jerr-Dan 60 Ton Rotator boom extends to 43 feet at a height of 50 degrees. boom can lift 24,600 pounds and can rotate 225 degrees while lifting 53,000 pounds; which is 7,000 pounds more than a typical steel coil.

Lots of car wreckers and carriers that would normally utilize the lift wheel. It is essentially a large L-shaped piece and a normal metal out of the back of a tow truck body and stick to the tires of vehicles that will be her attractiveness. Hydraulics will then lift the vehicle off the ground so he could be pulled.

A flat tubs or ordinarily used as a car carrier or a rollback would normally put into a cab and chassis will arrange it. If your goal is to work on the state highway, probably will be a prerequisite to have a heavy duty rotator in your fleet. Hooking happy. This will allow transform a taxi to have a hydraulic tub that can move up and down. In addition, they will be away from the ground. This all is done easily by using a winch to be operated on the other side of a truck.

Derek running normally would using the loader, thief, quick pic or repo truck. Explosion and the wheel lift is put into a cab and chassis. If you intend to work in cities with tight roads, crane is your best bet. Things like this usually will take on a truck with relatively light workload or workloads medium. The length of a tow truck will allow it all to fit into very tight areas in the city and will easily connect with trucks that can work quickly.

Many current models that you can customize to your style and needs. Because this selection is varied and the reasons for each application offering different price points as well. An agent from the tow truck that has been experienced with the service shop will usually be at the department very well and can pretty much adapt to any tow truck. This was done to fulfill a requirement which is ideal application yourself.

Why Teak Furniture Makes a Good Choice For Your Patio


Matters are not made any easier by the fact that the patio is an outdoors location and therefore needs sturdy furniture as less strong pieces of furniture run the risk of falling apart after a short while due to exposure.

For the many people who have used it before, teak furniture – especially teak chairs – often turns out to be the best choice for furnishing the patio, and it is something that many mebel jati asli jepara of them are often willing to recommend to others. There are a number of reasons why teak furniture is considered ideal for the patio.

For one, teak furniture is extremely sturdy and therefore able to withstand the vagaries of nature and elements which being exposed outdoors in a patio calls for. Many people who have used less sturdy items on their patios often find themselves having to replace them shortly. As it turns out, even if your patio furniture is well sheltered, there is still some bit of exposure from the side to windy and moisture conditions which only a very sturdy material like teak can withstand.

That teak furniture is beautiful is beyond doubt. This makes it a perfect choice for the patio – as the patio is meant to be a place for relaxation and entertaining visitors. And as mentioned, when entertaining other people, we often want to come out with our very best. Indeed, as it turns out, people who opt for teak furniture for their patios often confess to having people they entertain on the patios comment on the furniture –

with many opening confessing that they would like the same kind of furniture for their patios at home. Obviously, having your guests and people you entertain on the patio get impressed with the furniture and make a good comment on it can be very flattering and can feel like a good reward for the little more you have to pay for the teak chairs and other pieces of furniture you put on your patio. The natural look of teak furniture also makes it a good choice for the patio as it blends well with the relaxing, romantic and natural theme that many of us want to convey with their patios.

Teak furniture is also durable – and this too makes it a good choice for the patio. As it turns out, many of us want to purchase furniture and be done with purchase, that is, not have to do such another purchase any time soon. Durability, as mentioned earlier, attains a new dimension when looking at patio furniture as the exposure to elements that patio furniture is subjected to can cause a weak material to fall apart. People who have invested in teak furniture for their patios often live with it for a long time to come – making it a worthwhile investment.

benefits of cloves

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Clove has several purposes, among others, were able to make food more fragrant and also provide benefits to health, including in terms of relieving toothache ..

Cloves are a natural remedy for headaches
Take 5 grains clove, cinnamon 5 grams, 5 grams of nutmeg, and 5 grains of pepper. All material is pulverized into a powder, then brewed with 100 cc of hot water. drink while still warm.

Cloves to treat cough

10 grains of cloves, 10 pieces of betel leaf, 5 leaves , 3 grains of cardamom, cinnamon 2 fingers, and palm sugar. All material is boiled with water until the remaining 800 cc to 400 cc. Strain and drink 2 times a day. Every time you drink as much as 200 cc.

Cloves to overcome flatulence

To overcome flatulence, 10 grains of cloves brewed with hot water and drunk as a tea. Or, enter 5 to 10 grains of cloves on a pear perforated and wrapped in aluminum foil and baked until done. Once cooked, cloves removed and peach edible fruit.

Cloves for cold medicine
Take 10 drops of clove oil is brewed with 50 cc of hot water, add honey sufficiently. Stir until evenly and then drink while warm. Perform 2 to 3 times a day.

Cloves to cope with stress

Clove oil can be useful as an aphrodisiac and mental thoughts, eliminate fatigue and exhaustion. When used as a remedy in the appropriate doses it can calm the mind. When you feel stressed, try to boil the water with basil leaves, mint leaves and cloves. Then you can use this water for drinking black tea by adding a little honey.

Overcoming Respiratory Infection
According to the professor of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City; Neil Schachter, MD: Cloves works as an expectorant. which can thin the mucus in the esophagus and throat. Tea contains cloves can help overcome a respiratory infection.

Treating toothache
Part cloves can be used to treat toothache is clove. To utilization is, toasted 5 to 10 grains of cloves then pounded until smooth. Clove powder is then sprinkled on the aching tooth.

Cleansing alternative Germs
Euganol or natural antiseptic compound in cloves is useful for maintaining the cleanliness of your goods. Clove oil can reduce bacteria or fungi present in household items and prevent germs from coming back. The trick is to mix half spoon of clove oil with two cups of water and then spray on places that are vulnerable exposed to bacteria or germs, such as the bathroom wall.

natural deodorizer
spicy clove scent clothing that would naturally cover up the odor, but it can maintain the freshness of your goods. One example of its use is for deodorizer and freshener in your clothes. The trick: keep some stem clove into your wardrobe and replace every 2-4 weeks, so that fresh aroma is maintained.

Cloves to treat morning sickness
As a remedy nausea, take 10 grains of cloves, 20 grams of tamarind and palm sugar. Boil all ingredients with water until the remaining 400 cc to 200 cc. Then filtered potion and drink while warm to twice a day, every time I drink as much as 100 cc.

Should I Sell My House Privately Or Via a Real Estate Agent?


There are many pros and cons to sell privately or through an agent, and in this article we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can make informed decisions.

Should I Sell My House personally?
It may never easy to sell your house privately at this time due to the impact that the Internet has on the way people source, buy and sell real estate. Internet now allows for any homeowners to list their homes for sale using an unlimited number of websites with a relatively low price when considering a commission that would normally be paid to the real perumahan di semarang atas estate agent to sell your home. Let us consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of selling your home privately.

Sell My House Private – Advantages:
– You know your property better than anyone
– You have full control over the way your property is marketed
– You can set your selling price based on your own research rather than the opinion of a real estate agent
– You’ll meet people who buy your house
– You’ll save on paying commissions to agents
– The cost of your marketing will generally be less expensive than marketing through agents
– You’ll know the local area well

Sell My House private – Disadvantages:
– You’re emotionally attached to the house
– You probably will have less negotiating experience from real estate agents
– You may not know the correct sales price that can be achieved
– You’ll know the fault of the property and the negative aspects
– You may not know how to market your home in the best way
– You’ll have to sell the features and benefits of your home
– You should get your potential buyers to the stage of contract
– You may have increased costs in having a lawyer prepare a contract
– You will need to deal with an emotional home buyers

Should I Sell My House Using a Real Estate Agent?
This is the most common way to sell your home, simply because most homeowners prefer to have, an experienced professional representatives take care of the sale of their home. Just as you go to an accountant for financial advice or a doctor for medical advice, have the right real estate agent to represent your home can help to make the whole experience easier, faster and more profitable. Let us investigate some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a real estate agent to sell your home.

Sell My House Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent – Advantages:
– You use an experienced, trained professionals
– They have hundreds or thousands of potential buyers already in their database
– They have been trained in negotiation
– They have several properties that will be sold at one time can help to sell your home
– They have immediate access to the results of past sales and rental information
– They generally will list your property on some of the sites they are affiliated with
– They have contracts available ‘ready to go’ if you have a very interested buyer
– They’re not emotional in the negotiation process
– They have a financial incentive to achieve sales
– They know which marketing work for different types of homes

Sell My House Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent – Disadvantages:
– You do not know an agent who will represent your home
– You will need to pay a commission when a sale is completed in your home
– You do not know the track record of the agent or agency (unless you ask)
– You may end up spending more on marketing your home than you anticipated

Whichever way you decide is right for you, be sure to do your own research into the value of the property around the area so you know what is realistic and what is not. Also, if you choose to have a sworn appraisal done on your home (by a licensed property appraisal company), just remember that the final judgment and your selling price will usually be different. Appraisers typically conservative in their estimates and base their values on historical sales figures (for a few months earlier and further if needed). Keeping your eye on the newspaper to ask-price homes similar to yours and use this to create a realistic selling price for your home. Remember, you can always come down in price, but not up (unless it is a very desirable property, you are holding the auction or the red-hot market!). A sworn ratings will set you back around $ 300 ..

How To Change A pair Toilet Closed

It is a few steps involved in the manual Plumber. The guide is really qualified there. I’ve created this guide and I aimed for anyone who likes to do their job, especially if it is in improving the house they occupy. Not true also if actually existing procedures in removing an old toilet with something newer. It is also aimed at anyone who is feeling desperate because they can not or are not able to find artisan wc suction because their costs are quite expensive. This is because of their competition in terms of improved very tight.

Step one – Isolate the supply and remove the old toilet

The first step you need to do is to take on or unload your old toilet before doing so. This is very important because it is used to isolate the supply of cold cubicle toilet water into the toilet. And it also can prevent you, your family and the various items that are in your home to get in on it. The first thing is, you need to look at the water supply and checks to see if there are other ways you can do to isolate it and could also close to the toilet. Sometimes there is some form of isolator near the toilet for maintenance purposes and means of isolation quickly in the case of leakage. If no isolator and then turn the water mains stop cock out (the main supply to the house is usually in the closet, kitchen or bathroom). This will shut off the water to the entire house.


The next thing is to flush the toilet made to draw water in the tank. It also can be done to examine whether the existing supply has been isolated. If you’ve checked and the water was turned off, we can now begin to take a separate toilet. Ambi keys that exist in the adjustable and cancel nut connecting the cold water supply to the tank (remember leaving Lucy righty tighty). This is a silly rhyme that helps me to remember how crazy need to be tightened. Once the nut has been disconnected find a wing nut that connects the tank to the pan and cancel them they may be stiff but a pair of grip usually helps a lot. Remove the screws that attach the toilet tank or pot o. Check to see if there is an overflow of external (pipe white plastic is usually located at the bottom or side of the tank. Remove if there is one and lift the tank out of the pan. Pan The only must withdraw from relationships trash behind. Flue toilet and remove the connector garbage stuck waste into the toilet. (this is because they are prone to leak after they have been disturbed).

Step 2 – Create a new toilet up

When it was close, new toilets should be combined and dismantled checked first of damage and cracks in it. If you are sure the situation is fine, then this one tank components must be installed by using the instructions that have been included in the toilet. Once the tank this one has been completed, then the next thing to do is slide it into the pot. In addition, it takes a large binder placed on a toilet that should drive the bolt threaded through the hole in the pot, do the wing nut is up slightly at times it is important to not do one side entirely can cause leaking. Once you are satisfied with the tight tank is short do not move independently.

Step 3 Fitting Toilet

Once this has all been done and you are sure everything is tight change the cold water back and check for leaks around the toilet and plumbing. Next screw the toilet to the floor and the tank wall (do not use a hammer action to drill holes ceramics can destroy easily with vibration believe I have discovered the hard way). If the cold feed line with entry of cold on the tank then you can change the washer and tighten the nut you go! You will need a half inch BSP flexible tap connectors are available in DIY stores. Enter your new pan connector into the 4 “pipe ensure waste rubber exterior pushed firmly into the pipe.

But if it sent the case then do not worry here is an alternative. First cut right pipe about 3-5 inches lower than that and file it smoothes. Then line up the toilet with toilet waste and encouraging re-connect the connector pan into a new pot. No leaks? Well done you replace the toilet on your own and save yourself some money in the process. If you do not have a piece of 15mm pipe which I doubt you will hacksaw and file will do well.

All new toilets have abundant internal inserted to siphon so we should not worry about it. Fasten one end to the other end of the pipe and smoothed at the point of entry of the tank. After the flush tank if full and check for leaks at the back of the toilet and in the bottom of the tank.

Brownies Recipe Soft, Soft and Delicious

Brownie recipe soft, tender and tasty – Brownies are one kind of square-shaped cake made with roasted or steamed. Brownies itself is made of a dough of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate has melted, and almonds. Actually brownie recipe is similar to the other sponge cake recipe, which distinguishes it lies only in the baking powder. Brownies have a distinctive characteristic that with a mix of sweet chocolate cake, making this cake into a cake that is much in demand by everyone. These brownies are available in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, cheese, pandan, chocolate cheese and so on. Even now the cake has  sold in various toke cakes and supermarkets.

Brownies recipe

How to make brownies is not difficult, if you already know the exact recipe to make brownies. Therefore for those who want to try to make brownies at home, can listen to the following article on the brownie recipe soft, tender and tasty.
Brownies recipe

Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Material :

– 200 grams butter

– 200 grams of dark cooking chocolate

– 150 grams of fine sugar

– 120 grams of wheat flour

– 100 grams of almonds, toasted, chopped

– 100 grams of almonds, sliced thin

– 3 eggs

– 1/2 teaspoon salt

How to make :

Melt the butter, then enter the dark cooking chocolate, stirring until chocolate melts.
Enter the confectioners’ sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Then add eggs, beat until blended. Enter the flour little by little and stir well.
After that, add the chopped almonds and stir well.
Pour the batter into the pan measuring 20x20x4 cm that has spread with margarine and lined with baking paper first. Then sprinkle the top of the dough with sliced almonds.
Roasted in the oven with a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes or until cooked. Remove and let cool.
Cut the brownies according to taste.
Baked chocolate brownies ready to serve.

Cheese Brownies Recipe

Material :

– 200 grams of sugar

– 100 grams of margarine

– 60 grams of cake flour

– 50 grams of dark cooking chocolate, chopped

– 30 grams of cocoa powder

– 6 egg yolks

– 4 egg whites

– 4 pieces of cheese slice

– 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

– 1/2 teaspoon brown pasta

How to make :

Divide all ingredients above form the two parts.
After the melted margarine, then enter slice dark cooking chocolate and stir until chocolate is melted.
Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy, then add the flour and cocoa powder. Stir gently, then pour the batter into a baking dish measuring 24x20x7 cm 2.
Steam for 10 minutes minutes on medium heat. After that place a slice of cheese on top, steamed again for 10 minutes.
Beat the rest of the eggs and remaining sugar until fluffy, then add the flour and cocoa powder sifted and mix evenly.
Pour liquid margarine, stir again. And than pour the dough onto a layer of cheese slice, steamed again for 10 minutes on medium heat or until cooked cake.
Lift and cool while. Cut the cake to taste.
Brownies cheese ready to serve.

Cheese Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Ingredients Dough Brown:

– 325 grams of sugar

– 250 ml cooking oil

– 210 grams of wheat flour

– 60 grams of cocoa powder

– 4 eggs

– 1/2 teaspoon salt

– 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Cheese Dough Ingredients:

– 225 grams of sugar

– 210 grams of wheat flour

– 175 ml of cooking oil

– 150 grams of cheddar cheese, grated

– 3 eggs

How to make :

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius, then basting pan size 22 × 22 cm which had been lined with baking paper.
Beat eggs and sugar until dissolved, add salt using a mixer. Turn off the mixer, put a mixture of flour, cocoa powder and vanilla. Then slowly stir, uses a spatula.
Enter cooking oil slowly and stir well. Pour the batter into the pan, bake for 15 minutes.
Further making cheese mixture. Beat eggs and sugar until sugar dissolves. Then enter the flour and vanilla and stir with a spatula.
Pour oil fry slowly, then enter the grated cheese and stir well.
Remove the chocolate coating half-cooked, then pour over the cheese mixture into chocolate mixture.
Roast in the oven until cooked more or less for 45 minutes.
Remove pan from oven, let cool and cut to taste.
Chocolate brownie cheese ready to serve.

How to Clean Glass Aquarium Crusty

Nowadays a lot of people who have a hobby maintain ornamental fish, mostly put into the aquarium. In addition to providing stunning underwater scenery, the presence of an aquarium is proven to make the house feel more cool atmosphere.

The most important part of an aquarium is glass, with glass aquarium that is clear and clean so we can see the agile movements of the pet fish. This beautiful can be lost if we start the dirty frosted glass, many aquarium owners are too lazy to have partisi toilet     procrastinated obligation to clean the aquarium. Having appeared many white crust then they are frantically looking for ways to clean glass aquarium crusty.


How to Clean Glass Aquarium
The water in the aquarium contains many minerals including from fish excrement and food scraps. When the water evaporates characterized by declining surface water limit, will appear white stain stick which is the remainder of the mineral. Over time the white patches will form a crust that is difficult to clean. On the other hand in a glass aquarium black crust caused by algae or moss, plants can thrive in aquarium water with nutrients.

How to Clean Glass Aquarium Crusty

Glass aquarium there is the outside and the inside, we wipe with a different treatment,
Outer side
The outer side is not in direct contact with water so that it is easier to clean.

The trick is approximately equal to cleaning the glass in general. Enough with warm water mixed with vinegar. Take a soft cloth or cork to scrub the outer glass surface.
Inner side
This is where the stubborn crust sticking, both as a consequence of mineral or algae and moss.
To clean the crust, we simply use the sponge cleaning (for best results can use glass cleaning tool). Do not forget to buy special cleaning fluid glass, aquarium shops usually provide various brands.

First open the aquarium lid, drain the tank (cleaning all ornament decoration in it). Meanwhile, put the fish in a small bucket.
Squirt the cleaner into the sponge
Moisten the glass aquarium that will be executed.
Began to rub the sponge into the aquarium crusty white.
Rub until completely clean
Rinse with clean water, do not let any residue glass cleaning fluid for the sake of the health of the fish later.

Other materials that can be relied upon is the toothpaste, this product can remove scale in a glass aquarium like cleaning our teeth. The Toothpaste already well known as a glass cleaner, one of which has been discussed in a previous article How to Clean Screen Mobile.

First pour water onto the entire surface of the glass
Apply a little toothpaste on a white crust
Allow a few moments for the dirt began to fall out.
Furthermore, take sponge that has been moistened with water to scrub the crusty parts.
Finally rinse, take a look at whether there is still a white crust.
If they then do it again the above process until completely clean up

We can also use dishwashing soap with lemon materials, caustic soda, vinegar or baking soda to scrape the white crust.
The Fish Sweep Sweep, Cleansing Natural Aquarium
Fish brooms or often called bandaraya fish is a freshwater fish species originating from the American tropics are included in the family Loricariidae. In Indonesia, the fish is named according to its function broom because that is cleaning the aquarium environment. As we know the broom is one of the clean-up tool.

We often see a lot of people keeping fish broom broom is still small with the main pet fish. These fish are very fond of moss and algae consuming so black crust in a glass aquarium can be prevented.

A few articles about How to Clean Glass Aquarium Crusty. Actually not difficult to make a clear glass aquarium back sleek. Provided want to set aside a little time, we can do it easily. The removal time is relative, depending on the type of fish and water quality. Immediately do the cleaning when it appears a white crust on the surface of the glass.

How to Care For Your Teak Wood



wooden furniture oozes life and always brings a unique air of relaxation and oneness with nature.

When it comes to outdoor wood furniture, teak outdoor furniture manufacture is one of the most popular. The main reason for this is a higher resistance against wear when compared with other types of wood, including redwood, oak and cedar. Teak, a species native to the rain forest, rich in oil that enabled to withstand the effects of weather conditions are very diverse.

Despite all these positives, how long you will last a teak outdoor furniture is a direct factor of how well you take care of it. For example, although teak furniture can withstand exposure to wet weather conditions, let the furniture will continue to hit the water by allowing pond water to accumulate, eventually will ruin even the highest caliber of teak patio furniture.

The first thing you should do when setting the cleaning program and budget is to determine what kind of look you want. When new, teak outdoor furniture takes on the appearance of natural, honey-brown. However, when exposed to the elements for a significant period of time, was effectively color gray and faded leaving a pale silvery appearance.

Although at first glance may seem a honey brown appearance clearest view to preserving, there are people who actually prefer the look grayish as wood left to find its own color as it ages naturally.

If you choose to keep the honey brown appearance for your teak patio furniture, then you will need to use teak sealant. teak oil can also be used to serve the same purpose but its implementation requires much greater care. This is because when you use teak oil, you run the risk of introducing surface mildew and mold because of the nature of the surface of the now damp teak.

Maintaining the appearance of chocolate requires much higher amounts of effort and consistency. This may explain why some prefer to allow the teak outdoor furniture to begin to gray and limit care for regular cleaning. Cleaning can be through a specialized manufacturer of teak cleaner.

Alternatively, and what the more popular approach is the use of a mixture of detergent and water. Mix detergent and water in a ratio of 1: 2: 1: 3, use a bristle brush to apply this solution to clean the furniture and then rinse with water.

If you allow teak patio furniture into gray and you later want to restore the original brown color, it is possible. Note that because of the strength of teak, the available solutions are intended to achieve this is caustic and acid and should be used with caution.

7 Danger Due To Sleep Less health

beautiful legs in spa
Danger Due to Lack of Sleep. Sleep is a routine activity undertaken by humans to rest the body and mind. There are so many benefits that can be obtained from the sleep activity. One such body will be fit and fresh when you wake up. So we are prepared for days of heavy and tiring that we must live today. Conversely, lack of sleep will negatively impact the health of the Body. So what are the dangers of sleep deprivation for the health … ???

Friend, health tips. Many of us who ignore this sleep activity. This can be proven, we often still awake at night like watching TV until late at night, chatting with friends in the evening to forget the time or do activities at night apart from those who have to work at night. Friend, health tips. Lack of sleep at night is not good for your health. Here are 7 Danger due to lack of sleep for health:

Missing Focus While Driving. If you are a worker who must wear cars and motorcycles. You must have enough rest at night. This is because, if you are not sleeping at night, then you can bet your focus while driving will decrease. This could be dangerous for you, because we know the number of vehicles continues to increase from year to year so that it can be imagined. You lose focus in the wake of a vehicle on the left, right, behind, in front of you. Remember the lives at stake, due to lack of sleep. a research in the US showed that sleep quality is low, then it can cause accidents and injuries at work.
Missing Concentration While Studying. Did you know that lack of sleep can cause decreased concentration. For those of you who are students or you who must use your mind, lack of sleep can lead to disruption of concentration when you are learning or need to remember about something you have and have not done before.
Conditions worsen the Body Health. Due to lack of sleep is also very bad for your health. Various diseases will be up to you such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and even diabetes. You do not expect to experience it all right ?
Increased stress. Due to lack of sleep others that you will often experience stress, often angry unclear and often moody look in between your daily activities.
Skin Look Older. Due to lack of sleep the fifth that will affect not good for your skin and your eyes. In this case, your skin will look pale and dull skin and fine wrinkles that appear on your skin and your eyes look puffy.
You often forget to remember the items you put yourself, when they wanted to require the goods. This is possible also due to your lack of sleep at night. Try to think of itself, is enough that your night’s sleep during this time.
The emergence of Obesity. As a result of bed to seven is obese or overweight. When we are always awake at night, there will be an increase in hunger and desire or appetite always wanted channeled that will lead to obesity or overweight with a weight in excess of ideal size

Easy Ways to Eliminate Stains on Ceiling

eiling with spots stain the water leaks are usually difficult to lose and very disturbing. By repainting after cleaning, the ceiling becomes beautiful again. Let’s look at how to easily remove the stains on the ceiling below.

Ceilings are indeed elements of the house are the most susceptible to stains and damage. Leaking roof tiles, ceilings get swept. Kena disorder mice, the ceiling was also damaged. But most often make faulty ceiling is leaking water.


According to Muhaimin ACENG of PT Propan Raya I. C. C., source plafon gypsum of the leak could be from tile to air conditioning pipes. So, to fix and remove stains on the ceiling, you should find out the source of the leak in order to repair not in vain.

Three basic ingredients that are commonly used as the ceiling is a triplex, multiplex, and gypsum are vulnerable to damage when exposed to water. If the damage is too severe, preferably one field replaceable. However, if it is still possible to be fixed, it would be more efficient.

Materials and tools needed:

1. Kape scrap

2. Sandpaper

3. Appliances

4. Brush and roller

5. Tray place mortar paint

6. Gloves

7. Layer alkali sealer

8. Paint the wall

Before removing stains the ceiling, first consider the following matters:

– Avoid the use of oil paints for painting on the ceiling were stained, because the surface layer of the resulting oil paint uneven.

– The resulting film layers of oil paint is too thick, so that when coated with wall paint will create air bubbles.

– Painting performed if the ceiling is completely clean of mold or mildew that paint really stick.

Steps work:

1. Clean the roof of fungi and other impurities by using a putty knife and sandpaper scrap

2. Cover with alkali sealer to block out the spots that the results do not paint mottled. Wait one to two hours for alkali sealer coat is completely dry.

3. Prepare the wall paint. For painting we recommend using a paint due to better results than using wood or oil paint. In the first painting, paint plus 10% water, while the second painting add 20% water.

4. Paint the ceiling with rolls evenly. Any ceiling will look clean again.