The Most Easy Ways To Kill Moss

Moss can easily be found anywhere. Especially the part that is underexposed and humid. The presence of moss is not only outside the home. Inside the house, the take home less lighting and of course there must be moist moss. For example, in the cubicle toilet phenolic bathroom. Most of the existing bathroom is designed with poor lighting and impressed closed. Therefore, the bathroom becomes a very strategic place moss to grow.


To combat the mildew, try using battery acid, chlorine, bricks. Follow our guide from the following:

1. Acumulator Water

It turned out that behind its function storing electrical energy, batteries can also be used to remove moss, particularly battery acid. Yep, a liquid commonly referred to as hard water is very powerful in the moss on the walls knocked out. The trick, flush surface mossy wall wearing battery water and leave overnight. The next day, you’ll find moss peeling. To expedite the process, use the brush brushy. Be careful not to let the battery acid on the skin because it can cause skin blisters.

2. Chlorine

Who would have thought a white chemical powder is very effective in cleaning the walls of the house of moss? Not only that, its application was easy to do. First, sprinkle chlorine powder to the surface of the wall that has been turned into a field of moss. After that, leave about 1 to 2 hours until the bubbles from the reaction caused by the chlorine earlier. The final step, you just flushed the wall with clean water sufficiently.

3. Red Brick

Red brick powder known as traditional and effective teeth cleaning fade yellowish stains that appear on the surface of the tooth. From this idea of utilizing bricks as moss remover it appears. Although the results are very satisfactory, but the fourth way is somewhat a little troublesome. Set up a chunk of red bricks, then rub on the surface of the wall. Do it repeatedly until all the mildew in the walls fall. To see the result, the wall flush with hot water.

Shy Bladder Syndrome: Why More Men Are Affected Than Women



However, reports suggest that at least 90% of all sufferers are male. Despite being primarily a ‘guy’ problem, there are women who also find themselves in the grip of this social phobia.


I mentioned earlier that the ratio of sufferers is roughly 9:1 (male:female). Why is this the case?

There are many factors which could account for this, including: male ‘macho’ persona, the childhood transition from home toilet to urinal and the general design of male public toilets.

Public Toilet Design

The most obvious reason for this is the layout of the usual male public toilet cubicle jakarta.

Male public bathrooms/toilets:

  • are often smelly (this can be offensive as we know)
  • have both urinals and stalls/cubicles
  • installed urinals often close together (users can often be almost touching shoulders)
  • urinals often no dividers for privacy
  • can vary greatly from place to place (“Going for a pee is like a box of chocolates – you never know what your gonna get”)
  • can often have just a trough offering zero privacy for the user
  • stalls/cubicles can have doors that don’t lock or are so small they offer very little privacy

The typical design of the male public bathroom/toilet offers very little in the way of privacy. Female public toilets, on the other hand will be very much more standardized: stalls or cubicles with locking doors – all offering far more privacy.

Childhood Transition

Many little boys will have no doubt grown up and in their early years following ‘potty training’ only used a home toilet or a toilet in a stall if out with parents.

Upon reaching a certain age, little boys are expected to start using a urinal. This transition can be a huge and scary affair. It is perhaps little wonder then that many may become fearful of this new arena they are expected to step into.

Male ‘macho’ persona

In many societies men grow up feeling that ‘to be a real man you have to portray a macho image.’ When it comes to peeing, men are supposed to be able to ‘do it anywhere’ and ‘not be bothered about privacy’.

‘Real’ men are supposed to be able to walk on in to a crowded bustling public toilet, strut up to a urinal or trough, get out their penis and take a piss without a care in the world. Failure to be able to conform to this standard, if you either would just prefer a little more privacy or you ‘need’ more privacy can feel de-masculinizing.

Little girls are typically used to a similar toileting set up with little changes from the home to public facilities. These reasons without doubt play a significant role in why men are far more affected by shy bladder syndrome than are women.

5 Most Effective Ways That You Could not Make Up Early



For those not used to getting up in the morning it is certainly not easy to do. Reluctantly plus there’s no strong will to get up in the morning is a perfect combination that will continue to hinder you to get up in the morning.

1 Have a strong reason
One thing that will allow you to get up in the morning is to have a compelling reason. With this first point can actually make you get up early. For example, tomorrow you have an appointment to go together lovers, meet clients, or just to see the usual door neighbors through the morning. In this way, your chances to get up early in the morning will be even greater.

2 Forget alarm
Sometimes installing an alarm will only make us more lazy to get up. This can occur because when the alarm goes off, we will try to quickly turn it off and then went back to sleep. You certainly have, right?

3 Do not stay up too many
You must already know that staying up was not good for health. Every now and then staying up late was not hurt, but if it is too frequency it will actually disrupt the sleep cycle you and make you difficult to get up in the morning.

4 Have awoken
If the above methods still can not make you get up in the morning, then there is no other way than’m woken up by someone else. You can ask for help boarding friend, girlfriend, or your parents to wake you.

5 Do it for 40 days
In order to get up early can become a habit, try to do it for 40 days in a row. Why should it be for 40 days? Because by doing so for 40 consecutive days, it will become second nature for you. Do it and feel the difference

American Furniture Spotlight: Johnston Casuals



Johnston Casuals history has a rich heritage of furniture design spanning generations all the way back to the early 1900’s. Andrew Baline Johnston was a wood worker who started out a business in 1905 of hand crafting wooden coffins. Heading into the 1920’s he would expand his business into making wooden bedroom furnishings from American Red Oak sourced right in North Carolina. This new venture proved to be quite successful and a furniture manufacturing legacy was born.

Andrew would have a son named Richard who would carry on the traditions of his father’s woodworking by forming his own furniture company using the name Drew Furniture in 1958. It was almost inevitable that the companies of both father and son would find their way together and the two companies would merge to form a single furniture company that would come to be called American Drew.

In 1980 Joe formed his own furniture manufacturing company called Johnston Casuals and located it in North Carolina. Joe’s passion for modern furniture and design led him into steel manufacturing. He could now create steel reclaimed wood bedroom furniture that not only was functional but would provide the appearance of modern art. Joe partnered with top New York designers in creating an entire line of furniture that was both visually appealing and comfortable to use.

Many years later, grandson Joe Johnston would take up the family tradition of furniture making by joining the family business in 1968. Joe would get hands on experience in manufacturing home furnishings in the factory from his father. Working for the family furniture manufacturing business from high school through college gave Joe a great sense for what he wanted to do, and that was furniture.

Johnston Casuals line of furniture consists of steel designs across a wide range of furniture products. Dining sets consist of tables with glass tops over steel frames and dining chairs feature steel and upholstery options. Bar sets are also available in 24″ and 30″ heights with options for seat upholstery and metal finishes. Other steel furniture pieces include étagères, wine racks, occasional tables and more.

One of the most interesting things about the metal furniture from Johnston Casuals is the use of a powdercoated finish. This finish is done by electrostatically charging the powder to the metal through a sort of powder wash process where it charges to the metal. Powedercoating is safe, non-toxic and family friendly in that it is very chip resistant. The look of this finish can be further enhanced by applying just a small amount of automobile wax to a cloth and wiping the steel portions of the furniture down to give it a beautiful sheen.

Johnston Casuals was born from a dedicated family of furniture manufacturers. With such a rich history and legacy it’s easy to see why this furniture brand has established itself as one of the finest quality American brands of steel furniture. Johnston Casuals is made available in a variety of furniture types that include dining rooms, bars, occasional tables, étagères, wine racks and more. The powdercoated finishes are safe, non-toxic and easy to care for. These products are manufactured through eco-friendly processes and a commitment from Johnston Casuals to help do their part to protect the environment.

Many companies have started committing to having a policy towards the environment and taking steps to reduce their carbon foot print on the world around us. Johnston Casuals has adopted this commitment to going green through several in-plant programs. Their sheet steel is recycled and scrap materials get sent off to be reclaimed. The powdercoating process produces less waste than what you would find in lacquer finishes. Wash tanks are reprocessed into drinking quality water.

Shawls and Brooches – Getting the Perfect Fashion Match

They were primarily ornamental pieces in Early Rome and Greece and were also used by European nomadic tribes. Aside from being decorative, brooches also had Remember, use materials that are appropriate to the shawl. bros jilbab For instance, make a brooch with a light adornment such as a silk flower for a similarly lightweight shawl
wearing shawls have become a fashion statement. When you need to fasten your stole together or secure it in place, a carefully-chosen brooch will do the job plus give a nice finish to your outfit. Just make sure the brooch is lightweight if you’re

decorated with various gemstones. Today, you will find brooches made from a wide variety of materials, not just metals, from fabrics to glass, in multitude of colors and  and fun. All you really need in addition to a dose of creativity are brooch backs, which come in different sizes, beads or other appropriate charms.

unique print, you can purchase a fabric brooch and have a matching gemstone added to it. You can use your birthstone to make the piece more personal. That’s

Healthy Diet Tips While Vacationing


The holidays are a great time to gather with family and friends. When gathered together, usually lots of delicious meals and snacks served to accompany these gatherings. The temptation is often to make a healthy diet that has run into a failure. To cope with the failure of diet while on vacation, you need a special strategy.

Recipes healthy diet while on vacation does not recommend that you do not enjoy favorite foods altogether. Enjoy your favorite foods, but within a reasonable portion. Here’s how a healthy diet during the holidays to cope with the failure of diet:

1. Keep one hand in order to keep busy.
When assembled with the brothers, keep your right hand stays busy. For example, hold your drink glass. It can make you not tempted to take the food.

2. Chew gum.
Eat sugar free gum to prevent your mouth tempted to chew food.

3. Avoid the dinner table.
When dieting, you should avoid table used for serving food. Look for a seat on the terrace or garden to avoid the foods served.

4. Do not skip meals.
At lunch or dinner, you should still eat reasonable portions. How a healthy diet is not done by not eating at all.

5. Expand activity.
Vacation with family or friends should be spent doing fun activities, such as sightseeing or doing active games. By doing these activities, you will not focus on food alone.

6. Reduce alcohol.
If the tendency to gather during the holidays is talking while enjoying a drink alcohol, you should not carry over the atmosphere. Keep assemble and replace your alcoholic drinks with water or lemonade.

7. Avoid appetizers.
Eating entrees such as snack should be passed only. Because when the appetizer, the food served mostly snacks that are high in fat and calories.

During the vacation, you can still make a diet with a healthy diet recipe above. Do not let the holidays become a cause of failure of a healthy diet which has been run, yes!

How To Create Your Own Anti Mosquito With Natural Ingredients


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Mosquitoes are blood-sucking insects are most common in tropical areas, one of which is Indonesia itself. They are a lot of wandering around to find their prey, especially when the rainy season. Mosquitoes breed in place – which contains water, such as bathtub, soil liquefaction, bottle / glass tableware containing water, and others – others. Besides annoying, mosquito bites can also transmit several dangerous diseases, such as dengue fever and jaundice.

Experiment mosquito repellent

Trial use of repellents (Image: Health Digezt)

Everyone, no matter who you are going to release a substance called nonanal. Nonanal is a substance released from the human body with a particular scent that invites the attention of the mosquitoes. That is why sometimes there is one person who tends to be preferred mosquitoes than people – other people who were on his side.

Preventive action remains to be done, in addition to taking anti mosquito ready to be purchased from the store – the store, you can also make yourself at home with the material – material that is easily obtainable but has the effect of a potent inside repel mosquitoes, not inferior to the products – products you buy at the store.

Materials – materials that need to be prepared:

½ liter of alcohol

100 grams of fresh garlic

100 ml baby oil (can also be replaced with almond oil, chamomile, lavender, or fennel)

Instructions for use:

Pour the alcohol into a bowl, add the garlic into the bowl and let the mixture for 5 days. Stir every morning and afternoon. After 5 days, then add baby oil into the bowl containing alcohol and garlic before, then stir a few times until the mixture looks together.

The last stage, pour the mixture into a bottle that you have prepared. Bottles of any kind, which is important clean and hygienic.

Mosquito repellent made your own ready to use, how pretty evenly on the body that are often targeted by mosquitoes, usually the hands and feet.

One Direction Never Almost Arrested, What Reason?


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Although One Direction was rumored to be completely disbanded, but Simon Cowell’s boyband formed already reached the pinnacle of success.

In addition to the success of his work in the world music industry, a lot of funny stories that complement the boys career. One of them is when making a video clip for a song called ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

John Urbano, as the director says 1d and video producer team almost captured by California police. At that time, Urbano want to record the scene where the personnel were in the car VW colored orannye the middle oncoming lane highway in California.

Apparently, the scene driving the suspicion of police.

“They came to our car as she looks angry. However, after knowing that we’re shooting a new music video they understand. We who were in the car immediately burst out laughing, “Urbano said, as quoted from Fuse TV.

He added that the police do not know the One Direction. Indeed at the time, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson has just won the talent show X-Factor English. That is what makes them new is only known by the people of England.

In fact, hikers and also girls who were there did not know. If the comparison is now well-known, it seems 1d will not be able to stroll freely as before.

Simon Cowell admits mysteriousness Hiatus Period One Direction

 Simon Cowell finally go to vote about the status of ‘menghilang’nya One Direction. He said not sure whether the boy band that started this bentukannya only entered hiatus or disbanded. “I honestly do not know if its status hiatus or disbanded,” he explained.

He added, “Strangely, I also do not want to know. I do not think they have enough time to understand what it’s like not to be in a group to answer it.” Confession he said during an interview with Billboard Magazine it certainly sparked speculation about the future of this beloved boy band.

The fourth member of One Direction is also no one ever commented publicly. The number of reports about the activities during the hiatus they announced in 2015 actually makes the members still feel his presence in the public eye.

As news of Louis Tomlinson who became a new father and has his own record label Niall Horan also utilizing his interest in golf with the management company.

Meanwhile, Liam Payne, who recently open about his relationship with the judge of ‘The X Factor’, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is working on her new music. Then of Harry Styles, as confirmed directly by the boss of ‘The X Factor’, he has an assortment of new material to the attention of a number of writers and producers.

“He’ll find out what kind of record he wanted to make because he has good taste, where it really helped,” said Simon Cowell told Billboard then went on to comment about One Direction, “They will decide for themselves whether they would get back together.

Can Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Steal Major Design Houses’ Thunder?

How we have miss these gorgeous statements in wholesale jewelry! The present situation calls for a serious rethinking of the next major trend in wholesale fashion jewelry. Currently classic rules with gemstone fashion jewelry and Murano style glass. Beautiful creations in shell and freshwater pearls continue even through the winter. Classic trends stand on a firm foundation right now, but the eye is always looking forward for the next major trend. Eco-green is making ripples below the radar and seemed to be gaining steam as the next likely candidate for a major trend.



Then came the collision of material costs and consumer dollars taking what buyers want today off the table in fine designer jewelry. Memories begin to stir of the gorgeous wholesale fashion jewelry that took breathes and captivated consumers two decades ago. Suddenly eco-green seems to pale next to the gorgeous memories springing up that premier design houses cannot deliver at a price for this economy, but fashion jewelry can.

Now something new is churning with all the fire and magnetic attraction to plot the future course of fashion jewelry. Look back to the 40s and 50s when gorgeous brooches, bracelets, and necklace sets made fabulous statements with lavish sparkle. Look back to the golden era of fashion jewelry when Eisenberg, Coro, Juliana, Dior, and Trifari brought new glamour to fashion jewelry that bros cantik collectors put high value on today. This is glamour that lifts the spirit for temporary relief of daily worries-beauty that eclipses the media’s steady diet of bad news. And continual hammering of depressing media is what will drive this trend of glamorous fashion jewelry.

Trends change slowly and fashion must captivate in order to cause major new direction. The classic direction in wholesale fashion jewelry today brings nature’s beauty to designs with gemstone jewelry. It discovers nearly forgotten art in Murano style glass. And it seems impossible to improve on. But the dazzling beauty of fashion jewelry’s golden age has a different kind of look backwards. It renews the spirit with glamorous design and makes every women feel like a princess. It awes with sparkling beauty and feeds the resilience so unique in a human being. In short, it is uplifting! And that puts the return to the golden era of fashion jewelry on the short list for the next trend.

Goodyear Reinvents the Wheel With a Spherical Concept Tire

The materials, uses, and technical aspects of the wheel  have changed throughout history, but the basic shape has remained the same. Goodyear is hoping to change that.  The company recently unveiled  a conceptual design for a spherical tire with 360-degree treads for “autonomous-capable vehicles,” according to Market Wired


Called the Eagle-360, each of the concept tires is 3D-printed with tread patterns that mimic the folds of brain coral. This means that the grooves get harder when dry and more pliable when wet, providing for better performance and resistance from aquaplaning. Instead of being held by a rim, the Goodyear tires would be connected to the car by magnetic levitation. Sensors inside each tire would transmit information about road and weather conditions to the car’s computer so that the self-driving system could make the necessary adjustments for a safer journey.

The new design could also help drivers who struggle with parking. Goodyear suggests that the spherical tires’ increased mobility will make it easier to pull into parking spaces. It could even transform the parking lot industry. “This could significantly increase the capacity of public parking areas without increasing their size,”